Amberlat is a boat and flagpole factory. Our products are manufactured in Latvia from modern, high-quality fiberglass material.



 Because when work with fiberglass was started, accidentally pointing it to the sun could not overlook the material similarities with amber. Blue waters, the wind that blows from the Baltic Sea, the waves with snow-white backs that washes ashore finders of moments - Sun Stone, it is all in the heart of our business.


 Because in every respect we are Latvian company and it is our pride. Our products are made in one of the top scenic areas, in Latvian Midland. is:

  • Amberlat company's virtual facade - here you can learn all about our products, as well as additional products which we are offering for our customers. It is possible to project individual design boat or just simply order a flag pole of flag;
  • Virtual shop - check, order and we will contact you! Or you can contact with us how it is more comfortable for you, by calling to the phone number +37122007784 or writting to email  and we will be happy to help you;
  • Platform where we want to inform about everything that is important - both for us and for our customers and website visitors. 

Future and communication

We have a lot of future hopes and plans that's why we invite you to follow us in social portals, subscribe for news or go back to our home page and to bum around it to find out all the latest.

Also you are invited to give your opinion about our products - we are open to suggestions, ready to offer imaginative solutions and happy to answer any questions. Let's stay in touch!


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